Video: Congress Leader Baljinder Singh Shot Dead at Home in Moga, Punjab!!

The Moga district of Punjab has seen the murder of a prominent Congress politician. Baljinder Singh, president of the Congress Block, has been confirmed dead. At his residence, he was gunned down. The footage of the incident has been widely shared across platforms. Baljinder’s house invasion and murder are captured on film.

Baljinder collapsed to the ground as gunfire erupted around him. He sat down briefly but then got back up when other relatives showed around. The deceased’s family claims that two individuals rode up on a motorcycle and opened fire on Baljinder.

He was shot twice in the stomach. He was taken to the hospital right away, but he reportedly died there from his wounds. The relative recalled how dedicated he was to his roles as Congress leader and Paryt’s block president.

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Meanwhile, citizens are worried about the state of law and order there. “Even in their own homes, people are not safe. A man declared, “This is the state of law and order in the state of Punjab.”

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