Delhi Woman’s Tragic Demise: Killed for Refusing Marriage Proposal!!

The untimely demise of 23-year-old Nargis, a Delhi woman, has sent shockwaves through the community.

Allegedly killed by a relative after she declined his marriage proposal, Nargis had aspirations of becoming financially independent and was actively preparing for government job examinations:

The incident sheds light on the disturbing consequences of rejection and the pursuit of justice for the victim’s grieving family.

The accused, Irfan (28), was a former Nargis household member around five to six years ago. However, he was asked to leave due to allegations of harassing Nargis.

The tragic event reveals the complex familial connection between the victim and the accused, as they were first cousins, with their mothers being sisters.

Victim’s Dreams of Government Job

According to Nargis’ family, she aspired to achieve financial independence and self-reliance. Determined to secure a government job, she diligently prepared for relevant examinations. Her pursuit of a better future reflected her dedication and ambition.

Around six months ago, Irfan proposed marriage to Nargis, but the family turned down the proposal. The victim, guided by her wishes, decided against marrying him. Irfan hails from Auraiya in Uttar Pradesh and had come to live with the family years ago.

After his alleged harassment of Nargis, he was sent back to his native place. Later, he returned to Delhi’s Sangam Vihar area, where he currently resides.

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The Tragic Incident at Vijay Mandal Park

The heart-wrenching incident occurred at Vijay Mandal Park in south Delhi’s Malviya Nagar. On that fateful day, the accused, Irfan, followed Nargis, who was attending her steno coaching classes as usual.

In a fit of rage and disappointment, he attacked her with an iron rod inside the park. The gruesome act resulted in Nargis’ death, leaving her family devastated.

Delhi Woman Killed for Refusing Marriage Proposal

Family’s Pursuit of Justice

The bereaved father, Suljat, who works as a motor mechanic, expressed his grief over losing his only daughter. He seeks justice for her and demands that the accused receive stringent punishment for his heinous act.

The accused, Irfan, has been arrested and will face legal consequences for his actions. Nargis’ untimely demise leaves behind unfulfilled dreams of a promising future.

Her brother, Sameer, recounted how Irfan knew about her daily steno coaching classes and followed her persistently until committing the horrific act.

Nargis was known for her academic brilliance, having graduated with Hindi honors, and her determination to crack government job exams.

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A family friend revealed that Nargis’ parents were hesitant about the marriage due to Irfan’s lack of a stable job. The rejection of the marriage proposal intensified Irfan’s agitation, prompting him to take a drastic and irreversible step.

The incident has sparked outrage and grief among the community. Bookmark us for more exciting news updates in the future Digi Hind News.

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