Seema Kanojiya Train Dance Leaves Onlookers Baffled: A Controversial Instagram Video!!

A recently uploaded Instagram video of a woman dancing inside a train has sparked mixed reactions among netizens. While some praised her performance, others expressed concerns about such activities in public transportation.

This article delves into the video, the reactions it garnered, and the ongoing issue of dancing or creating reels in public transport.

The Video of the Woman’s Dance

The video, shared by blogger Seema Kanojiya, captures a woman dancing inside a sleeper coach of a train. Onlookers surrounding her can be bewildered, trying to make sense of the unexpected scene.

The clip shows her energetically jumping and dancing while moving back and forth in the limited space available inside the coach:

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Public Reactions and Online Engagement

The video has been circulating for around six days and has garnered significant attention. So far, it has accumulated close to 1.4 lakh views and approximately 3,100 likes.

However, the responses to the video have been quite diverse. Some viewers appreciated the woman’s dance, praising her performance.

On the other hand, many individuals disapproved of such behavior in public transportation. The comments section on the post exhibited a range of emotions, with reactions varying from hearts to laughing-out-loud emojis.

Instagram Users’ Reactions

Several Instagram users couldn’t resist sharing their thoughts on the video. Some left positive comments, appreciating the woman’s dance skills. However, others were critical, emphasizing that public transport is not an appropriate place for such activities.

The video triggered responses like “Nice dance,” “Ye kya tha [What was that],” “Not a good place to dance,” and “Very nice.” A fifth comment urged people to refrain from dancing inside public transport.

Seema Kanojiya Train Dance

The Ongoing Issue of Dancing in Public Transport

The video’s popularity reignited the ongoing debate surrounding dancing or creating reels in public transport. Transport authorities nationwide have repeatedly warned against such activities, citing inconvenience and discomfort caused to fellow passengers.

Despite these warnings, videos like this continue to emerge on social media platforms, indicating that the issue is far from resolved.

A Similar Incident: Dancing Inside a Flight

The article also highlights a previous incident in May, where another Instagram user faced criticism for sharing a video of herself dancing inside a flight, causing inconvenience to other passengers waiting to move.

Content creator Shiba Khan posted the video, sparking various reactions and calls for a ban on such behavior:


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The video of the woman dancing inside a train has drawn considerable attention on Instagram, eliciting a range of reactions from users. While some praised the performance, others voiced concerns about dancing on public transport.

This incident serves as a reminder of the ongoing issue and the importance of considering fellow passengers’ comfort and convenience when using public transportation.

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