Dhruv Rathee Wife: Meet His Beautiful Better Half!!

One name stands out as a light of realism and wisdom in the vast internet universe where information is continually flowing: “Dhruv Rathee.” He’s not just any YouTuber; he’s a passionate educator with over 12 million fans, and he’s on a mission not just to teach but also to improve and inform the globe.

But what’s this? Dhruv Rathee had a charming love story that quietly developed and was kept from the prying eyes of the internet. We will explore who Dhruv Rathee’s devoted wife is in this piece of writing.

Dhruv Rathee’s Wife

In November 2019, Dhruv showed off his girlfriend to everyone for the first time in almost five years. On that particular day, love assumed a prominent position on his profile, and he decided to let his heart speak for itself. He posted a straightforward yet intensely amorous image to his Instagram account.

Dhruv and Juli stood side by side on top of a hill in that fateful moment, which was immortalized in a photograph, with the cool mountain breeze enveloping them. They created a scene of love and affection while they were completely engrossed in each other’s arms.


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Dhruv and Juli decided to move their relationship forward after sharing some emotional photos on social media and touching everyone’s hearts. On November 24, 2021, they tied the knot at Belvedere Palace in Vienna, Austria, beginning a new chapter in their lives. And this was not just any wedding; it was a symbol of their unbreakable bond across national boundaries and cultural barriers.

Dhruv Rathee's Wife
Dhruv Rathee’s Wife

On their social media accounts, the newlyweds also posted brief clips from their idyllic wedding. After the wedding, Dhruv posted a photo to Instagram with the remark,  “More than 7 years after we met, we finally got married. Guess the place and the city? A short video of our wedding day is coming soon, too. PS: Thank you for all the sweet comments and congratulations!”

See the picture of Dhruv Rathee and Juli Lbr’s European wedding in the Instagram post below.


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In her white lacey gown, the bride, Juli Lbr, was a vision of ethereal beauty. The dress had a flowing back that added to its elegant movement. The handsome groom, Dhruv, matched his glowing bride’s hue with a navy blue tuxedo. Through bizarre photos they posted on social media, they were able to record the celebration of love that took place on their wedding day. The pair and their innumerable fans who had followed them on their journey both treasured the occasion.

Lavish Indian Wedding Of Juli Lbr And Dhruv Rathee!

However, the tale did not finish there. Dhruv Rathee and Juli Lbr started a new chapter of their love affair on May 13, 2022, this time in the heart of India, while adhering to customs and practices there. A lovely fusion of tradition and contemporary, their Indian wedding was a representation of their individual love journey.

To know more such news, look below:

The stunning bride, Juli, rocked the event in a cherry red-hued lehenga with elaborate green embroidery. She accessorized her classic beauty with a choker, hanging earrings, a nose ring, and a maang teeka. She went with the conventional laal rang ka choodha, a bun adorned with carnations and hair ornaments, and understated makeup that emphasized her attractive features.

The Indian Wedding video can be seen below.


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Dhruv, the dashing groom, complemented his radiant bride well with a sky-blue sherwani with lovely white embroidery, along with a white dhoti, chunni, and pagdi. In the presence of loved ones, the pair sealed their love and commitment by adhering to traditional Indian wedding customs, such as the colorful haldi ceremony and mehndi.

So here’s to Dhruv and Juli, to their union, to their love, to their journey, and to their glorious future. It serves as a reminder that the most beautiful stories frequently have the most emotional impact, especially in the huge online universe where information is always flowing.

May their incredible path of love and togetherness continue to inspire and warm the hearts of everyone who follows them! Visit Digi Hind News while you’re here to read intriguing articles on more well-known people.

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