Fruit Seller Teaches Kids At Roadside Stall, Video Goes Viral!!

A female fruit vendor who sells her wares on the side of the road has become an internet sensation. When there were no customers, the mother vendor was spotted instructing her children next to her fruit stall.

She has captured the hearts of netizens for her ability to juggle running the stall with caring for the kids’ future. After a video of her emerged online on X (formerly known as Twitter), she quickly gained widespread attention.

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Karnataka has released a video

Meanwhile, the public transport busses seen in the backdrop and other state-registered automobiles parked next to the fruit booth suggest that the footage was shot in Karnataka. The footage was uploaded on X by a Jharkhand government official. When releasing the video, Deputy Collector Sanjay Kumar stated he was at a loss for words because the scene and the mother’s actions needed no explanation. Internet believed she was a boss because of her nurturing ways, and she was even photographed wearing a “BOSS” hoodie.

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An online Mother’s Day tribute

The video has been viewed and liked many times since it was posted online on August 29. The video is only 28 seconds long, but it has the power to move its viewers. After seeing the video, Internet users gave the woman a standing ovation. There was an outpouring of support and gratitude for the woman in the section for responses.

Fruit Seller Teaches Kids At Roadside Stall
Fruit Seller Teaches Kids At Roadside Stall
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