Agra: Inspector in the Questionable House in Tihaiya, Barhan, The Locals Undressed and Tied the Inspector to a Post

A police sub-inspector was brutally assaulted in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, where he had been chained to a pole. The footage of the incident has gone viral and is being shared widely online. In the video, a police officer from the state of Uttar Pradesh is shown being thrashed while nakedly chained to a pole in the middle of the village.

After allegedly catching the police sub-inspector in a sexually suggestive pose with a woman, the villagers allegedly thrashed him. The woman’s loved ones accused the police officer of molesting their loved one.

He climbed onto the roof, jumped, and then crept inside the house

It has been reported that Sandeep Kumar was the UP Police sub-inspector who was thrashed by the locals. It is said that a drunken Sandeep Kumar climbed onto the roof, entered the residence, and began molesting a girl who was there at the time.

The girl screamed, and her family quickly arrived

When the girl’s family heard the alert, they came to investigate and found the police officer in an inappropriate position inside their home in the village of Tihaiya, which is within the jurisdiction of the Barhan Police Station.

They summoned the locals, who promptly became enraged, stripped Sandeep Kumar of his clothes, and hung him naked from a pole. The villager mob joined in the beating of the police officer. The police arrived and rescued the accused, taking him into custody.

Currently, Sandeep Kumar is on suspension

After a video showing people hitting the police officer while he was nude and tied to a pole went viral online, Sub-Inspector Sandeep Kumar of the Uttar Pradesh Police was suspended and an internal investigation was launched against him.

A rape charge has been filed against the cop. On the evening of Sunday, September 17th, the cop broke into the woman’s home and was discovered by her family in an intimate position with her.

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The police have opened an investigation into the situation

The law enforcement agency is currently investigating the situation. The footage that has become popular on social media is also being screened. As the ACP of Etmadpur put it, “In the case of a sub-inspector being caught with a girl under police station Barhan area, the sub-inspector is being suspended with immediate effect, strictest departmental action is being taken, and after receiving the complaint, legal action will be taken against the SI.”

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