Irena Akbar Supported the Killing of Shani Lauk and Showed Her Off Naked. She Said That She Used to Wear Bikinis Herself

Israeli footage showing Hamas terrorists openly rejoicing in a truck with a woman’s naked body and shouting “Allahu Akbar” went viral. Terrorists can be seen in the footage spitting on the woman’s corpse. The manner of the body’s disposal was extremely cruel. The victim was German musician Shani Lauk, who was attending an Israeli music event. An emotive plea from her mother has been made for the recovery of her daughter’s remains at the very least.

A self-proclaimed former journalist named Irena Akbar has supported the Hamas terrorists who murdered the German woman, despite widespread international condemnation of the killing. While making a case for Islam, he claimed that attacking a woman in it is against the rules of battle. A distinct story is the long history of women being made sex slaves, which dates back to the attacks of Islamic invaders and continues into the era of ISIS.

Former ‘Indian Express staffer Irena Akbar made the bizarre claim that the woman’s torso wasn’t entirely bare because her upper and lower half were clothed. Is it possible that this occurrence may spark a discussion over how much of a woman’s body was exposed before anesthetic was administered? Irena Akbar’s supplementary nonsensical argument makes no more sense. Read this Irena Akbar full post

She speculates that Shani Lauk may have been wearing a bikini or “other body revealing clothes” at the time of her death, based on her Instagram account. After writing this, Irena Akbar quite brazenly claimed she had no intention of insulting or demeaning the deceased. She said that the Instagram username was proof that she was making a pointless argument.

After this, Irena Akbar cleared the Hamas militants of any wrongdoing and suggested that the victim may not have been stripped naked. You read that right: the terrorists are being defended on the basis of whether or not they made the woman naked and how much of her clothing they removed. Instead, he suggested that the terrorists cover the woman’s body with a cloth, invoking Islamic law.

Irena Akbar Supported the Killing of Shani Lauk and Showed Her Off Naked. She Said That She Used to Wear Bikinis Herself.
Irena Akbar Supported the Killing of Shani Lauk and Showed Her Off Naked. She Said That She Used to Wear Bikinis Herself.

He countered by displaying ancient photos from Iran in which women were seen wearing bikinis and asking his “non-Muslim” audience what the problem was with making a woman naked. He posted a photo of Irena Akbar on Instagram. There was also a reference to ‘ respect for the deceased’ in Islam and the photo of his naked body was altered and covered. So, in their view, it’s fine to murder a woman and parade her naked while chanting “Allahu Akbar,” but by altering the photo and covering her body, she became “great” despite having saved the lives of terrorists.

Keep in mind that this is the same Irene Akbar who gave thanks to God for the COVID-19 outbreak and said that if it weren’t for the coronavirus, Indian Muslims would be locked up in concentration camps. According to Irena Akbar, “If there was no coronavirus, Indian Muslims would have been in detention camps.” The virus that killed my aunt hospitalized my dad, and wreaked havoc in so many households is not something for which I am grateful. This is what I mean when I say, “While the ‘fascists’ were hatching their plot, Allah was hatching His.”

Irena Akbar has a long history of posting racist and sexist comments to various online discussion boards. During the Gujarat riots in February 2020, Akbar blamed Dalits for the deaths of many Muslims. Akbar had also proposed a boycott of Hindu-owned establishments. And he was quite upset that Delhi’s chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, hadn’t spoken out for Jamia.

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