Disturbing Video: Kashmir’s Anantnag Locals Kill Leopard, Degrade Carcass.

A horrifying video showing the killing of a man-eating leopard in India’s Kashmiri state of Anantnag has gone viral and brought attention to the problem of animal cruelty.

The people treated the dead wild animal with disdain, as seen in the video, which showed its body being thrown onto the baggage rack of a car. The leopard’s tail was wiggled and its legs were pushed in front of the camera, ostensibly to film reels.

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Leopard attacks toddler, two years old

According to sources, a two-year-old boy in July was fatally attacked by a leopard in the neighborhood.

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When locals spotted the hunter again after the tragic event, they huddled around and swung sticks at it, killing it.

After the murder of the kid, a Wildlife Department official verified the killing and told the media that the team was on watch to trace its movements.

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