Kirik Keerthi Divorce: Is The Marriage On The Brink Of Collapse?

After his time on Bigg Boss Kannada, Kirik Keerthi gained notoriety. He received a lot of gratitude from the audience for participating in the show. He has appeared in a few movies as an actor. The actor has just revealed something about his personal life. Arpitha Keerthi and Kirik Keerthi have officially filed for divorce. Everything there is to know about Kirik Keerthi’s divorce will be included in this article.

Kirik Keerthi Declares Divorce From Arpitha!!

Kirik Keerthi and Arpitha, a famous Kannada couple, have been wed for about eleven years. To achieve marital bliss, they had to overcome several obstacles. The Kannada couple has, however, formally broken up after almost a decade. In a post on Instagram, Kirik Keerthi announced the end of his marriage to Arpitha.

Kirik Keerthi Declares Divorce From Arpitha!!
Kirik Keerthi Declares Divorce From Arpitha!!

Kirik Keerthi said in his lengthy statement announcing the divorce that he wants to move on from all the painful memories and begin a new life. The approximate translation of his Kannada post was,  “According to law, today is mine and Arpita…A complete break in the relationship between husband and wife. Got it. From now on, my personal business has nothing to do with ideas. There won’t be…because that’s all…officially anymore. I am not the owner of Karimani anymore…”

It continued,  “May she also get a good life…Forget the bitter memories and start a new life…”

The Instagram post uploaded by Kirik Keerthi announcing his divorce from his wife can be seen here.

In college, Kirik Keerthi and Arpitha initially crossed paths. When the professor of Kannada language yelled out Keerthi’s name, Arpitha turned to look at him. Their friendship gradually evolved into a loving partnership, but they subsequently faced many obstacles on the road to marital bliss.

Evidently, Arpitha’s parents refused to recognize their marriage, and her relatives even battered her for defying them by choosing to wed Keerthi. The couple acknowledged their love and how they supported one another during difficult moments on the Jodi No. 1 in 2022.

In a startling turn of events, Kirik Keerthi made some startling discoveries and confessed that he was depressed in February 2023. He added that he has been concerned about his son’s future and that he has a lot of other worries about life.

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“But now, if I am afraid of everything, how can I answer those who brought me into this situation..? How will those who invested in me get justice…? How to build my son’s future..? These questions were haunted…” he wrote in a note on Instagram in February 2023. He later removed the post from his Instagram account, though.

Since the news of their separation has shocked their fans, it is ultimately their decision. To keep up with the most recent events and celebrity news, follow Digi Hind News.

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