Nanny Movie Ending Explained: Let’s Jump Into Its Wonderful Ending

Nanny movie ending explained: Aisha, a Senegalese immigrant to the United States without proper documentation, has been sent to New York City to find work. “Nanny,” Nikyatu Jusu’s first feature film, is a psychological horror film. Aisha’s job as a nanny for a wealthy white family came naturally to her because she was a mother herself. Aisha misses her colorful home and her handsome son, Lamine, in the city’s gloom. She wanted to work to fly her son in from Senegal for his seventh birthday celebrations in New York. Aisha, however, gained perspective once the entire plan was delayed. Was she going crazy, or was something otherworldly trying to get her attention? Nanny movie ending explained.

Plot Summary: What Is The Film About?

On her first day as a nanny, Aisha felt equally nervous and excited. Mom, Amy, gave her a tour of the house. Although she was worried about leaving her daughter behind, the speed with which Aisha became friends with Rose helped alleviate her mind. Despite our lack of information, the fact that the majority of the couple’s employees were individuals of color stood us as odd. Adam, Amy’s husband, was a photographer who spent much time in Africa. Several portraits of African Americans adorned the walls of his home office.

Was it just a fluke, or did the pair have a thing for black people? When Aisha could talk to her kid, it was the one bright spot in her life after moving away. She uprooted to give him a better life, but she found herself missing him terribly. She told him she couldn’t wait to hear his voice and that they would be back together soon. Young mother Aisha had been cut off by Lamine’s father once he learned about the pregnancy. Nanny movie ending explained.

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Although she felt a deep connection to Senegal, she realized that she would never be able to return there. Once she knew that Amy routinely failed to pay her for the extra hours she put in. The situation became more difficult. She couldn’t understand why the couple couldn’t just spend her when they owed it, but it just made things more frustrating for her.

She needed to get ahead financially to bring her son home, but her wealthy employers were preoccupied with their problems. Malik, employed at the building’s reception, became Aisha’s friend. Despite her initial reluctance, she eventually decided to give him a chance and pursue a love engagement. Before their first official date, she had the opportunity to meet his grandmother.

It turned out she was a psyche that provided cryptic responses to the weird dreams Aisha had been having. She frequently questioned the significance of her visions, many of which featured water. The distressing nature of the dreams increased over time. There was a presence there, and she even had out-of-body experiences. So, what exactly did Aisha see, and why did she see it? Astoundingly, she kept running across pictures of Mami Wata. Nanny movie ending explained.

Nanny Movie Ending Explained: Did Aisha Fulfill Her Dream?

She had a terrifying dream of water gushing down on her in the bedroom on the first night she spent at Amy’s. It was as though she had been transported to an alternate universe. The following day, she saw a mysterious figure in the East River. A baby’s scream accompanied the scene, creating an atmosphere of impending doom. While visiting Malik, Aisha saw a portrait of Mami Wata hanging on one of the walls.

According to his grandmother, this mermaid-like mythical character is a notorious seductress who offers men sexual favors, financial rewards, and the possibility of having children. Many people avoid the figures because they are scary, fickle, and fleeting. She saw Lamine at the park where they took Rose, but by the time she got near him, he had already left. Nanny movie ending explained.

nanny movie ending explained
nanny movie ending explained

Adam’s attempted kiss was another bizarre thing she had to deal with. The woman staring back at her in the mirror appeared to be condemning her harshly for her predicament. She once had a nightmare where a snake crawled onto her bed and into her. Given that Mami Wata is frequently shown with a serpent, this must have been Aisha’s second encounter with the figure.

The supernatural world seemed to hold Aisha responsible for abandoning her kid. Despite her best efforts, she could not be there for her son as he struggled to make ends meet. Even Aisha was beginning to feel the strain of waiting for cash. She was not a pushover and did not hesitate to ask for what was hers. Adam did pay her a portion of what they owed her, but she still hasn’t been born in full. When Aisha was at the pool with Rose, she unexpectedly needed to swim to the deep end. The world around her changed, and she saw that it was night and the pool was deserted.

Mami Wata swam in the water with Aisha, their mermaid-like form circling the girl like a protective tail. They dragged her under, and she caught a glimpse of motherhood as a possibility and a distant memory. After being pulled out of the water, she returned to her regular life. One morning, Amy and Aisha got into an argument because Amy discovered that Aisha was serving Rose her home-prepared breakfast. Amy was displeased, but Aisha had good cause for her decision. She displayed the empty fridge to emphasize that no food was left in the house. Nanny movie ending explained.

Work stress and her husband’s absence contributed to Amy’s sadness. Just taking care of Rose was a massive strain on her resources. Amy resented Aisha for her strong attachment to her kid, whereas she struggled to develop a similar relationship with Rose. They brought their kid along, but they hardly had time for her. While Aisha was calculating her pennies to get her son to the United States and stay near her, she was forced to leave him.

After Aisha made an unabashed demand for the money she was due, Amy assured her that she would pay the money plus an overnight charge if Aisha slept at the hotel during her absence. Aisha was disturbed because of the frequent visions she saw and the long waits that ensued before her kid finally arrived. She was getting angry and directing it at Rose.

Following Aisha’s painting of Rose’s bath later that evening, the latter was nowhere to be found when Aisha began hearing disconcerting noises. She detached from reality, clutching a knife to her chest out of a false sense that they were in imminent danger. When Adam put the knife into her hand, she could hear the cries of the people he had photographed. Nanny movie ending explained.

nanny movie ending explained
Nanny movie ending explained

She tripped on the overflowing water from the bathtub as blood poured from her hand. Her body was compelled to the sea no matter how much she tried to fight it. Forcing herself to return to reality, she looked over to Rose sitting in the tub and saw that she had raised the knife and was attacking the force. She clung to Rose, comforting her through her emotional pain.

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While tucking Aisha into bed, Rose confided in her that Lamine had plotted to have Aisha murdered because of his jealousy. Aisha, taken aback, inquired as to Rose’s motivations. Anansi, she said, told her it was her own doing. Before bed, Aisha read “Anansi: The Spider” to Rose. The mythical trickster Anansi is renowned for exacting vengeance on his enemies.

Maybe Lamine was jealous out of sheer envy, or perhaps Aisha was being punished for abandoning her son and not trying hard enough to win him back. As a result, Aisha was devastated. Aisha was having visions of her son’s impending death. Each pattern represented a different kind of fatality. She was forced to face the same horror her son did, even though she was never told he had died. Nanny movie ending explained.

Aisha had lost all motivation to live and tried to kill herself by drowning. Perhaps she was making a last-ditch effort to find her missing son. She discovered her son’s lifeless body floating nearby in the pool’s depths. Attempting to grab his hand, she began swimming toward the surface.

That morning, Mami Wata was the one who rescued her and gave her a new lease on life. The medics who saved her later told her the news she was expecting. In a sense, Lamine was right there with her.

She was the one who gave birth to the baby, and Malik and his grandma both adored her. After Mami Wata had tested her devotion and love for her son, she blessed her with a good life. If Aisha wanted a secure future, perhaps she had to accept Lamine as the price. The memory of losing her first son will always be fresh. Sometimes she has difficulty forgiving herself for failing to keep her baby safe. Nanny movie ending explained.

In “Nanny,” we see a black immigrant mother struggling to raise her son without her. The ending was easily foreseen due to the visions’ cyclical nature, and the horror element was underwhelming. There was room for more exploration of several of the issues and personalities. While “Nanny” fails to leave a lasting impression as a psychological horror picture, it is worth seeing for Anna Diop’s stellar performance as Aisha and the filmmakers’ willingness to experiment with the genre.

Final Lines  

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