The kid in the viral video says, Papa, AC Chala Do…Bill Nahi Ayega, referring to Kejriwal’s promise of free electricity in Haryana

A video of a young supporter of AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal and his promise of ‘free power’ to Haryana has gone viral online.

Gagandeep Singh, one of the party’s leaders, tweeted it. The children in the viral video can be heard pleading with their father to put on the air conditioning. SEE VIDEO

Check out the kid’s exact words from the internet sensation

The child says, “Papa, AC Chalo do bahoot garmi lag rahi hai,” to which the father responds by discussing the cost of electricity. But the youngster reassures him in a soothing voice that he should not worry about the cost of power.

The youngster tells his father, quoting Kejriwal and thinking of his campaign pledge to make power accessible in the area, “Kejriwal toh kehta hai ki bill nahi aayega…”

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Web users chime in

Singh tweeted the video on Thursday, saying, “Even every kid in Haryana knows that in regions where Kejriwal is there, there won’t be an electricity bill.

(translated)” Internet users’ hearts melt at the sight of the child and his parent having a sweet conversation. People’s reactions to the viral video mostly varied on “So cute.”

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