Tragic Collision in Rajasthan: Seven Lives Lost in a Heartbreaking Accident

In a devastating incident on the Delhi-Mumbai National Highway, seven individuals tragically lost their lives when a truck collided with a cruiser jeep near the Ratanpur border. The accident, which occurred in the Bichhiwada police station area of Dungarpur district, Rajasthan, also left eight others injured.

The Unfortunate Turn of Events

Madanlal, the in-charge of Bichhiwada police station, detailed the events leading to the accident. He mentioned that the truck experienced a sudden brake failure, causing it to ram into the cruiser jeep moving ahead. The impact was so severe that the jeep overturned, resulting in the immediate death of seven passengers. The scene was heart-wrenching, with bodies scattered across the road.

Local police, along with villagers, rushed to the aid of the victims, pulling out those trapped inside the mangled vehicle.

Eyewitness Account

A survivor from the jeep recounted the harrowing moments leading up to the crash. “We were en route from Dungarpur to Ahmedabad. Just as we crossed the Ratanpur border, a truck struck our jeep from behind, causing it to flip over. People were seated both inside the jeep and on its roof. Our driver was among those who perished in the crash.”

The police have identified four of the deceased as Dhanpal (24), Hemant (21), Rakesh (25), and Mukesh (25). The identities of a 14-year-old girl and two other victims remain unknown.

Further Details

The jeep was carrying 21 passengers, all of whom were headed to Gujarat in search of employment opportunities. In the aftermath of the accident, senior officials, including District Collector Lakshmi Narayan Mantri and Superintendent of Police Kundan Kanwariya, arrived at the scene. The injured were promptly taken to nearby medical facilities for treatment.

The police are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the accident to determine the exact cause and ascertain any further details.

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Road accidents are tragic reminders of the unpredictability of life. Our thoughts go out to the families of the victims, and we urge everyone to exercise caution and prioritize safety while traveling.

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