Assault on Sri Darbar Sahib’s Esteemed Hazuri Ragi, Bhai Mahadeep Singh, by Inebriated Assailants Post Toll Plaza Dispute

On Saturday night, some hooligans allegedly attacked Mahadeep Singh, a Hazoori Ragi at the Golden Temple, near the village of Jaintipur on the Amritsar-Batala route. A video of the event spread like wildfire on social media, bringing the scandal to light. For a religious ceremony, Mahadeep was making his way to Batala’s Dalam village.

Unknown criminals stopped him near the Kathunangal toll booth and accused him of speeding. Mahadeep, however, avoided them in the hopes that they would sober up. Bikramjeet Singh Vickey and his uncle Amreek Singh, both identified as suspects, raced toward their Jaintipur hamlet and arrived before the victim did.

From the nearby village, they summoned their henchmen, who arrived armed to the teeth. Once again, the gang slowed down Mahadeep’s car by crashing into it, and this time they attacked him with weapons. Vickey assaulted the Ragi with ‘datar’ and smashed the car’s front mirror and window. The victim also responded to his attackers with a sword. The fugitives quickly left the scene.

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The Kathunangal police have received a complaint on this matter

Bikramjeet Singh Vickey, according to SHO Mantej Singh, has been apprehended. The individuals have been charged with violations of IPC Sections 279, 427, 295, 294, and 34.

Pratap Singh, secretary of the SGPC, strongly denounced the incident and called for harsh punishment of the perpetrators.

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