Reliance Jio OBD Device: Revolutionize Your Driving Experience With Latest Innovation!!

JioMotive, the Reliance Jio OBD device, that turns regular automobiles into smart cars, has recently been made available. The device, which costs Rs 4,999, has features including theft warnings and location monitoring. It is anticipated that this will offer a linked car experience for vehicles without ostentatious amenities. We will cover every aspect of the new Reliance Jio OBD device in this article.

Reliance Jio OBD Device

JioMotive, a tiny OBD (outbound dialer) device from Reliance Jio, promises to “smarten” any automobile in “just minutes.”

Reliance Digital stated in a news release, “Most smartphone models these days come with internet connectivity, allowing users to access insights into their car’s internals, including location, engine health and even driving performance. But what if you drive an older or a base model new vehicle? Thanks to JioMotive, you can now have these smart features in your car without any critical re-wiring.”

Reliance Jio OBD Device
Reliance Jio OBD Device

Features And Specifications

Real-time vehicle tracking: Real-time vehicle monitoring allows you to keep an eye on your car’s whereabouts and movements at all times, even when it’s not your own and is being used by a friend or family member.

  • e-SIM: It eliminates the need for a separate SIM card or data plan by seamlessly sharing data with your current mobile data plan with the Jio Everywhere Connect Plan.
  • Geo-Fencing: This tool allows users to mark up imaginary borders or regions on a map. When their four-wheeler crosses these lines, they will be notified so they can monitor its movements.
  • Time Fence: This helps to ensure that a person’s car is not driven without their knowledge, especially during off-peak hours, by notifying them if it is turned “on” during designated periods.
  • Driving analytics: JioMotive gathers information about the vehicle’s speed, forceful braking, and other factors. It can help with better driving practices.
  • Remote diagnostics: This tool may assess the condition and performance of an automobile and provide early warnings to prevent major issues. It may be helpful to lower the cost of maintenance and increase the vehicle’s lifespan.

In addition to this, there are functions like Trip Tracker, Driving Performance Analysis, and Health Status Monitoring, which provide insightful information about the health of the vehicle.

How Is JioMotive Operated?

Reliance Jio OBD device is a plug-and-play gadget, that may be installed without the need for a professional. To begin, users only need to download and install the JioThings app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, provide their Jio number during signup, and then follow these instructions.

  • Go to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, download, and install the JioThings app.
  • Use your Jio Number to log in or sign up for JioThings. Click “+” and choose JioMotive.
  • Click “Proceed” after entering the IMEI number from the device or Jiomotive Box.
  • Type in your vehicle’s registration number, name (if you’ve chosen one), model, year of manufacture, fuel type, and other details, then click “Save.”
  • Insert the JioMotive Device into the OBD port of your vehicle. As you follow the next procedure, turn on your car. Make sure your car is in a well-lit area with a strong Jio network.
  • Select “Enable” after you have agreed to the JioEverywhereConnect Number Sharing Plan’s terms and conditions.
  • Select “JioJCR1440” and then select “Proceed” on the following screen.
  • A confirmation notification regarding the Jio activation request will appear on your screen.
  • To activate the device, leave your automobile ON for ten minutes. In around an hour, your data will begin to flow through the JioThings app. If you require any assistance, please call customer service at 1800-896-9999.

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JioMotive’s Pricing

JioMotive is currently listed for a price of 4999 on the website of Reliance Digital. This represents a discount of 58% off of its original 11,999 MRP price.

To sum up, the Reliance Jio OBD device is a huge advancement in automotive technology that will give your car unprecedented connectivity and intelligence. It guarantees to increase safety, your driving experience, and your vehicle’s performance with its cutting-edge features and smooth connection.

With cutting-edge technology at your fingertips, the Reliance Jio OBD device keeps paving the way for the connected and intelligent cars of the future. In the interim, visit our page Digi Hind News page for additional information of this kind.

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